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By day I am director of Miracle Mobile in Aalborg, by night I geek out on various IoT projects around my farmhouse.

My projects

I get my internet connection via Mobile Broadband and the excellent GEM420 4G router. I have a Raspberry Pi 2 running Node-RED as my central hub.

To monitor my wood-pelet stove I have a Arduino Yun with a sonar measuring the level of pellets in my tank. It also measures room-temperature and humidity, for no good reason. It sends the data to a service I am running on Amazon EC2. The Node-RED on my hub monitors the level and age of the data, and sends me mails and push notification (via Pushover), in case I need to top up the tank.

I have an ancient Voltmeter at my desk at work, with a Particle Photon driving it, currently displaying the level of wood-pellets.

In my car I have a Raspberry Pi 3 with the official touchscreen, and a GPS receiver, monitoring speed, location and altitude and displaying it in a Node-RED UI webview on a couple of gauges. The GPS data comes in via gpsd and then a python script passes the data on to a MQTT exchange, that Node-RED easily can pick up and display. It also has a Raspberry Pi 1st gen NoIR Camera that I want to use for lane-assist/-tracking. It also runs NavIt for navigation, but that needs a bit more config to be really useful.